May 29 2023

YouTube videos that use hashtags now have their own dedicated results page

YouTube videos that use hashtags now have their own dedicated results page

Youtube introduces new trends in video search. Here is an important update from the technology giant YouTube that it has dedicated a section where users can find the relevant videos by using “#” tags (hashtags) to their search keyword. The new selective home for videos with hashtags will show a curated segment with either the video utilizing the tag that users have looked for or a tag relevant to it.

YouTube has declared its announcement on its support page. It will work for both mobile and desktop versions of the video-sharing platforms. Users can explore pages by tapping on the naturally produced hashtags that pop up during the search. They will be taken to the new segment that shows the number of videos that have utilized the tag, and the number of channels that have uploaded content tagged with it. Thus, the new way that lets users find YouTube trends by using hashtags improved its ability to search. 

You can actually look for all videos with a particular hashtag simply by annexing the particular tag to  for example “SEO” in the form

YouTube quoted, “We’ve recently made an update to the way we group content together and help you discover videos through hashtags. Already if you looked after a hashtag or tapped on a hashtag on YouTube, you'd see a mix of content using the hashtag in the video just as other related content.”

“Beginning from today (January 12, 2021), anybody looking for a particular hashtag on YouTube, either on a mobile app or desktop, will see a new dedicated section that only contains videos with the hashtag, which are arranged to keep the best videos on the top. You can even explore these pages by clicking into any naturally connected hashtag you see on YouTube.", YouTube added.

Make sure to follow the hashtags policies on YouTube:

1) No spaces: 

If you have two words in a hashtag, you can join them together, for example, #GrowDigital

2) Over-tagging: 

The more tags you add to a video, the less relevant it becomes for watchers who are looking. YouTube will ignore all hashtags on that video if hashtags are more than 15. Over-tagging may result in the removal of your video from YouTube. 

3) Misleading content:

Avoid hashtags that are not relevant to the video.

4) Harassment: 

Avoid using a hashtag with the purpose of harassing, humiliating, intimidating, exposing, or threatening an individual or group. 

5) Hate speech: 

Avoid hashtags that promote violence or hatred against individuals or groups. 

6) Sexual content: 

Avoid adding any sexual or explicit hashtags. It may result in the removal of your video. 

7) Vulgar language: 

Utilization of irreverence or hostile terms in your hashtags may prompt an age limitation or removal of your video.

8) Non-hashtags:

Avoid hashtag stuffing, ordinary descriptive tags or repetitive sentences in the video.


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