Jun 01 2023

YouTube is testing a feature to buy products featured in the video

YouTube is testing a feature to buy products featured in the video

Google-owned YouTube is trying another shopping highlight that will make it simpler for you to buy things featured in the videos. With the ‘Products in this Video’ feature that YouTube is bringing, customers will be able to purchase items from the video they are watching. The testing is in the beta phase currently and YouTube is working on bringing this feature to the battlefield. This feature is implied not only to increase engagement but also to keep them caught in YouTube's network. Now, the platform is reportedly toying with a different kind of link that will help viewers buy things instead.

The YouTube feature will be available in certain videos. As per a report on their update, This feature is currently being rolled out by YouTube to customers in the US who use both Android and iOS devices. Certain creators are part of this pilot project. These users can add some products to their videos, and these products will be available for sale along with the shopping bag icon. Information about this feature, which YouTube is currently testing, is shared on the Google Support Page. This will allow users to purchase the products they are looking at through this option.

YouTube reported that it is currently working with certain creators. it will offer some YouTubers the possibility to list certain items. Customers will be able to view a list of items by clicking on the shopping bag icon. They will see this icon at the bottom of the video and will be able to make purchases at this location. 

According to Bloomberg, in October 2020, YouTube asked creators to use software to tag and track the products shown in the video. According to reports, this data will be related to Google merchant center and analytics. According to sources, a company spokesperson has also confirmed the news. It is said that this shopping on youtube feature is currently being tested with a certain number of video channels.


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