May 29 2023

seventh Pay Commission Latest News: Center proclaims enormous LTC settlement

seventh Pay Commission Latest News: Center proclaims enormous LTC settlement

In a significant help for focal government workers who had booked air tickets during the lockdown and needed to accordingly drop the equivalent, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has chosen to give one-time repayment/rescheduling charges paid by them.


The move came as focal government representatives who had booked LTC tickets ahead of time yet needed to drop them because of the lockdown needed to pay high scratch-off charges forced by the carriers.


Subsequent to accepting a few solicitations on the issue, the DoPT delivered an office reminder (OM) with respect to the seventh Pay Commission-connected LTC remittance.


During this period, all homegrown trips inside India were dropped yet certain carriers have charged the wiping out charges against the pre-booked air tickets. In such a circumstance, numerous Government workers who had booked LTC tickets ahead of time for that period are confronting monetary troubles taking into account the high dropping sum charged by the aircraft. In such manner, demands are being gotten in this Department for the award of one-time unwinding for repayment of the dropping charges," read the DoPT OM.


It further said that few aircraft have still not discounted the sum for the tickets booked ahead of time for the LTC venture planned during the lockdown time frame. All things considered, that sum has been kept by numerous aircraft transporters as a 'credit shell' and the travelers have been given the choice to go inside a year.


"This is making unjustifiable difficulties the Government representatives as the LTC advance alongside corrective interest, is needed to be returned if the excursion isn't embraced. Solicitations have been gotten in such manner for expansion of time-limit for settlement of LTC advance and exclusion of correctional interest till such date the excursion is performed by them," it added.


  • Ministries/Departments have assigned the ability to repay the retraction/reschedule charges of air/train tickets, as a one-time unwinding, to such Government workers who had booked development air/train tickets with the end goal of LTC venture during the Lockdown time frame from 24th March 2020 to 31st May 2020, however, couldn't play out the excursion because of dropping/rescheduling of flights/trains during that period. Such government workers chasing (Satish Kumar) Under Secretary to the Government of India repayment of undoing! reschedule charges will be needed to deliver the receipt of undoing/reschedule charges brought about by them.


  • In situations where the carriers have kept the discount sum in 'Credit Shell', Ministries/Departments may broaden the time of reimbursement of LTC advance taken by the Government worker for LTC venture planned during the lockdown period(March-May, 2020), till 28.02.202 1 or till such time the sum in 'Credit Shell' is used by the Government worker to perform LTC venture, whichever is prior. Likewise, corrective interest may not be charged on the LTC advance sum taken by the Government worker on the LTC venture booked during the lockdown time frame.


  • In situations where the Government workers have drawn LTC advance just as leave encashment in order to play out the LTC venture, yet couldn't perform venture during the lockdown time frame and now expect to choose Special Cash Package Scheme in lieu of LTC as per Department of Expenditure's OM No. 12(2)/2020-E.II(A) dated 12.10.2020, they are additionally permitted to benefit the office of the Scheme. The LTC advance and leave encashment which has stayed disrupted because of non-execution of the excursion, perhaps changed according to the arrangements of the Special Cash Package Scheme.



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