Jun 01 2023

FASTag must from tomorrow midnight or make available to pay twice that fee, states govt

FASTag must from tomorrow midnight or make available to pay twice that fee, states govt

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways now declared that all ways in the price plazas on National Highways shall act represented as “FASTag path of the fee plaza" of the night of 15th/16th February 2021
In a record declared today, the Ministry has interpreted that here has lived prepared to additional advance fee cash through the digital method, decrease remaining conditions and fuel burning, and store for a seamless passage by that fee plazas.
The Ministry should mandate fitment of FASTag in M&N classes of machine channels including the impact from 1 January 2021.

Category ‘M’ reaches for a motor vehicle with at most limited four wheels practised for providing travellers whereas Section ‘N’ reaches for a device means including at most limited four wheels used for providing assets, which may also take characters in expanding to advantages.
When, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari today held on the event that deadline for the implementation of FASTag would not be enlarged moreover, and the transport purchasers should rapidly select the e-payment facility.

FASTags, which promote the automated instalment of fee at toll plazas, was organised in 2016. Causing the tags necessary would also help in assuring that vehicles move seamlessly into the toll plazas, as the fee adjustment would be prepared electronically.

Responding to a question on FASTags at the Nagpur airport, Gadkari announced the administration had continued FASTag booking date limit two-three times already; and now, it would not be increased further. Now, everybody should quickly buy FASTag.

How to get a FASTag:

-You will require a copy of their driver’s license, the channel certification certificate and license size photograph. Banks will also want PAN and Aadhar card for the KYC means.

-FASTags can be obtained online from the allowed banks or even into retailers such as Amazon. Customers can also opt to visit any details of the sale of one of the 23 approved banks and road transportation offices to get the tag. Users are encouraged to acquire the tags from the banks they already have stories in. The federal interstate officials also sell IHCML tags which are bank-neutral.


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