May 29 2023

Google’s Chrome OS crossed Apple’s macOS with a market share of 11 percent

Google’s Chrome OS crossed Apple’s macOS with a market share of 11 percent

People from all over the world are familiar with Microsoft Windows operating system because we are using it for a very long time, and it is still dominating the whole world when compared the rivals in the market. Windows is the most common operating system installed in Desktop and laptops all over the world. Almost 80 to 87 percent globally and, if we talk about macOS, it is only around 7 percent. While, everyone is shocked with the Chrome OS which now has crossed the market share of macOS with a market share of 11 percent. It is by 4 percent margin.It means that people are migrating to Chrome OS from Windows  and macOS.


You may not be familier with the Chrome OS in the world of computers. Chrome OS is a Linux based operating system, which is actually a Google operating system or a Google world. One can use your Google email address to sign in or use your Google account and store all of your data and obviously it will connect you to all of your google services to get your work done. Many people loved in using Chrome OS and Chromebook because of its simplicity, security, and all the services which Google provides. While its functionality is quite similar to Windows and macOS also it provides some extra features such as Progressive web apps (PWA), it is basically progressive web app they are super high performance websites which we can save them in a shortcut, or for offline functionality like Google Docs when you do not have an internet connection. Google has also introduced Chromebook for the people if you mostly work online. They are designed to be medium or interface to the net for you to use online applications. It helps you do your work with security and efficiency.

Over the years Apple was the competitor of Microsoft Windows but now its rival could be Chrome OS, because Google has recently increased its production and marketing for their operating system and related all devices. The major reason that why Chrome OS has overtaken  Apple’s macOS market share is the price which many people cannot afford macOS and Chrome OS provides all thesimilar features to complete your task. Although People are chooosing Chrome OS but still, it can be very difficult for Chrome OS to beat market giant Microsoft Windows since according to an estimate data by Statista, Microsoft Windows has around 80 percent of the market share in the desktop operating systems domain.


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