Oct 01 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch key projects in Puducherry and Tamil Naidu.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch key projects in Puducherry and Tamil Naidu.

Narendra Modi will introduce and establish a framework stone of a few key activities in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu, the Union lodging and metropolitan issues service said on Thursday, in front of the Prime Minister's visit toward the southern Union Territory and its adjoining state on the day.


"Narendra Modi to launch and lay the base stone of several projects in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry today. Under PM Awas Yojana (Urban), apartments at Veerapandi and Thirukumaran Nagar in Tiruppur, Rajakkur Phase-II in Madurai, and Irungalur in Trichy to be initiated," the Hardeep Singh Puri-headed service said on Thursday.


Before the day, PM Modi tweeted, "Leaving for Puducherry and Tamil Nadu to initiate advancement works that will promote 'Simplicity of Living' and financial development."


"India is proud of Tamil Nadu's commitment towards public advancement. The energetic Tamil culture is well known worldwide. The focal Government is respected to be working for TN's development. Will be in Coimbatore tomorrow to introduce different ventures," he had tweeted on Wednesday.


In Tamil Nadu, the head administrator will devote to the country the Neyveli New Thermal Power Project - a lignite-based force plant intended for a power age limit of 1000 MW with two units of 500 MW limit each. Worked at an expense of about Rs 8,000 crore, the pit head power plant will use lignite as fuel from the current mines of Neyveli, which have adequate lignite holds for meeting the lifetime prerequisite of the undertaking, the assertion said.


The plant has been intended for 100% debris usage and the force produced would profit Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Puducherry, with Tamil Nadu having a significant portion of around 65%, it said.


As per the schedule, PM Modi will arrive in Puducherry in the first half of the day, at around 11.30 am, and, later in Coimbatore at around 4.30 pm. In Puducherry, the Prime Minister will establish the framework stones for four-laning of NH45-A, Minor Port, and Synthetic Athletic Track at Indira Gandhi Sports Complex and so on In Coimbatore, in the meantime, he will establish the framework stone of various foundation projects worth over ?12,400 crores



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  • Modiji is above politics religion and region.. The BJP government has been doing systematically ding good for all citizens in India including TN WB etc. Black flag is shown because the devil called corruption will be vanquished - which the Dravidian parties do not accept.

  • I'm actually happy with the #Gobackmodi is trending on twitter and he is shown black flag. Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Modi were the prime ministers who were shown black flags on their visit to TN. Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi had a good political career even after having plenty of voices against them. In the similar fashion Modi will also return to power and hoist our national flag on August 15. When Nehru and Indira were shown black flags they successfully returned to power. As far as Modi is concerned he doesn't give a flying fuck to these twitter tigers. He is the guy who hoisted our tricolor flag at Lal Chowk in Kashmir despite having bounty on his head by separatists. I'm Confused why did they show black flag to Mr. Modi because : TN is top beneficiary in Mudra yojana.(My collegue who is a periyar loyalist got benefited under Mudra yojana) Under Sukhanya samruddhi yojana ,TN has highest number of beneficiaries. When pastor Alex from Sivagangai district was kidnapped by Taliban, Modi govt resuced him alive. 2004–2014 ,nearly 800 Indian fishermen were killed, how many of our fishermen are killed now?. Of curse, they has been some incident but it a isolated one. During DMK -congress rule our traditional sport Jallikattu was banned by the highest court. It is Modi govt that approved the ordinance for jallikattu by TN govt. Century long kavery issue was solved as Central govt led by Modi formed Kaveri tribunal board which was long standing demand of TN. Do you know it took six long years for dmk -congress govt to publish the order of cavery tribunal verdict 2007 in gazzete. It was in 2013,it was published after former TN CM, Jaya went to supreme court. Only two defence corridors in the entire nation. Tamil Nadu has one. For giving 2014 crore rupees for Vardha Cyclone (no state was given this fund) Five Indian fishermen were given death sentence by Sri Lanka courts as they were falsely alleged to have snuggled heroin. It is Modi govt that is responsible for their safe return. Even for Ockhi and Gaja, Center gave necessary funds; it is anybody's guess that always, State demands more. The houses that got damaged in cyclone will be built a new house by Prime Minister Awas yojana. AIIMS was given to Madurai in 2015 Union budget. But, sadly it took so long for state govt to acquire land and other formalities to be done. People again blame Modi for laying foundation stone at the election year. When, #Goback Modi was trending, we shouldn't forget even #Maduraithanksmodi and #Tnwelcomesmodi were also trending to a extent. At last, there is a saying in Tamil “The tree that bears many fruits are always stoned”

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