May 29 2023

There is a shift in the narrative about climate action: United Nations.

There is a shift in the narrative about climate action: United Nations.

A deeper awareness of the intersection of our ecosystem and "accelerating climate destabilization" is helping to shift the narrative for climate action and help us transition from pollutants to climate preservatives, Marco Lamini said, Director General of the world. Wide Fund for Nature.

"Science has never been clear. We are currently witnessing a catastrophic decline in our planet's ecosystems and biodiversity, and accelerated instability of the climate. And today we also understand that the two are interlinked. '"It's not really new.

Lambertini spoke to the IPS after the fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-5), which coincided this week with the launch of a "medium-term strategy" by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

In two days, world leaders gathered virtually to discuss climate stability and how deep the coronovirus epidemic deepened the current climate crisis.

"Humanity wrongly destroys nature, destroys it," said Keriko Tobiko, Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Kenya. "The results of our actions are pretty clear and obvious that we are paying a heavy price for that."

Indian environmental activist Afroz Shah, a UNEP champion of Prithvi, said during UNEA-5 that leaders should go beyond talk and make sure to implement measures to protect the environment.

"There should be a paradigm in the narrative which is nothing but to go from being a polluter to a polluter," he added urging leaders to ensure that this message was delivered to every citizen.

Lambertini told IPS that this "change" was already happening in the narrative.

"What's new is that this awareness is beginning to reach mainstream political, corporate and public national and international debate," Lambertini said. “The story is also shifting. Conservation of nature is not only being seen as an ecological and ethical issue, but also an economic, development, health and equity issue. This is nothing but a true cultural revolution in our civilization. "

Lambertini's insights complemented what was said during UNEA-5.

UNEP Executive Director Inger Anderson said during the Assembly that a "green recovery" from the COVID-19 pandemic would be a step in the right direction to implement the changes to protect the environment.

Dealing with environmental sustainability was, after all, another means to end poverty, she said.

“We need to initiate action as soon as possible  after UNEA-5 and that means green recovery from the pandemic also strong and nationally determined contributions from the Paris Agreement, more funding for adaptation, an ambitious and implementable post 2020 biodiversity framework Agreed upon. And a new progress on plastic pollution Anderson added.

Meelis Münt, is a Estonia's secretary general of the Ministry of the Environment, she echoed Anderson's point.


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