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National Safety Day 2021: History, Significance and Objectives.

National Safety Day 2021: History, Significance and Objectives.

National Safety Day is observed each year on March 4th with the aim of laying the foundation of the National Safety Council aims to raise awareness about safety measures to be taken to prevent accidents and accidents.

The day aims to renew the commitment of employees and the general public to work safely and ensure the integration of a safe and healthy work culture and lifestyle.


National Security Day was first observed in 1972 on the foundation day of the National Security Council of India.


It was established by the Government of India, Ministry of Labor and Employment on 4 March 1965 to generate and develop a voluntary movement on safety, health and environment. It is an autonomous body.


This is the 49th year and the day has become a major national campaign that is widely celebrated in industries, departments, NGOs and regulatory agencies in the country.

The main objective and vision of the National Security Council has remained the same - to protect and serve the society and to promote a preventive culture and scientific mindset among the people.

“It is our belief that these issues are the basic human concern throughout the world. We equally believe that their effective address is greatly facilitated if their internal relationship with quality and productivity is well demonstrated, ”reads the vision of the organization

The campaign began as a single-day celebration on 4 March. But now a week has spread from 4-10 March.

Subject of the year

Every year there is a new theme for National Security Day. This year's theme is 'Sada Suraksha' (Road Safety). 'mention.


According to William M., Security applies to the individual, the family, the employer, the state, the nation and international affairs with equal force. Security, in its broadest sense, concerns the happiness, satisfaction and freedom of mankind. "- Jeffers, Former President, Union

Former Connecticut Governor, Jodi Ray said that At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that Shalu men believe in luck; Causes and effects of intelligent and strong people. 

“Safety work in todays worls is recognized today as an economic necessity for all of us. It is the study of the right way of doing things. ” Robert W. Campbell, First President of the National Security Council


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