May 29 2023

Mithun Chakraborty expected to play ‘big role' in Bengal BJP

Mithun Chakraborty expected to play ‘big role' in Bengal BJP

Mithun Chakraborty’s induction into BJP comes as party look to challenge Trinamool Congress in 2021 assembly elections, with sights attack forming first-ever govt in geographic area.

Kolkata: carrying dhoti-kurta, associate degree attire associated with ‘bhadralok Bengali (Bengali gentleman)’, interests movie industry wizard Mithun Chakraborty, 70, declared his come to politics Sunday throughout a BJP campaign rally to boot attended and addressed by PM Narendra Modi.

His entry into the BJP comes over four years once he quit the Trinamool Congress amid the storm kicked up by the Saradha Ponzi scam.

BJP leaders aforesaid RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had been key to scripting Chakraborty’s comeback to politics. merely fundamental measure past, Chakraborty had met Bhagwat over breakfast at his residence in Mumbai.

Speaking to The Print, BJP sources aforesaid Chakraborty, “handpicked by Bhagwat”, has came to politics as a result of the RSS chief’s envoy for geographic area.

They didn't want to specify the precise role lapidarian out for the dance wizard, but BJP sources aforesaid he is expected to play a “bigger role” than a “routine candidate or a star campaigner”. They didn't rule out the possibility of him being thought-about as a result of the party’s CM face inside the state.

“We will possibly not promote him or anyone as CM candidate going by our party’s policy, but he is handpicked by Mohan Bhagwat JI. So, he isn't a routine member or a candidate. He will play a much bigger role,” aforesaid a senior BJP leader.

A second senior BJP leader explicit  Chakraborty as associate degree “RSS recruit”. “The high faces inside the BJP area unit from the Sangh. Chief ministers do not appear to be chosen whereas not the Sangh’s consent,” the leader aforesaid. “Mithun lawyer has directly been sent by Bhagwat JI. we have very little question regarding his importance inside the election presently. He could also be given the foremost important role. Bhagwat JI does not go and meet random people like this.”

Reached for comment, BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijay wargiya aforesaid Chakraborty “is affected by Modi JI, but there is no because of deny his association with the Sangh”.

“He is incredibly driven by the Sangh and so the ideology. we have a tendency to tend to were in-tuned with him for the past three years, but Sangh has associate degree final influence on him,” he added.


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