Jun 01 2023

Not only a sweet drink, sugarcane juice is a source of nutrients.

Not only a sweet drink, sugarcane juice is a source of nutrients.

Cane juice is made from sugar cane and is a refreshing drink usually served with a pinch of lemon and ginger. High-sugar juice is served as a refreshing drink, especially in summer. You might easily get confused that sugarcane juice is just another sweet drink, but it actually has a number of health benefits.

It is a diuretic by nature and eliminates urinary tract infections.

This juice is a popular diuretic and helps maintain overall kidney health. Regular consumption of sugarcane juice helps prevent urinary tract infections, kidney stones and ensures proper kidney function. If you drink cane juice at the onset of a urinary tract infection, that is, when you experience a burning sensation, it relieves pain and helps prevent worsening of symptoms.

Liver health
Improves liver health and helps treat jaundice.

Jaundice occurs when the liver is dysfunctional, and as a result, a person's levels of bilirubin (a yellowish substance in the blood) rise. Sugarcane juice deeply cleanses and detoxifies the body, thereby lowering bilirubin levels and helping to improve liver function. Plus, a glass of this lemon juice can help get rid of jaundice quickly.

Has laxative properties and improves evacuation

The rich fiber content of sugarcane juice combined with its high concentration of potassium makes it an excellent laxative. Sugarcane is rich in manganese, magnesium and calcium, and its alkaline nature helps to reduce acidity symptoms and relieve stomach burns that usually accompany acidity. However, when consumed excessively, sugarcane juice can cause indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, headaches, and weight loss.

It is alkaline in nature and reduces the risk of cancer.

Sugarcane juice is base-forming because of its high concentration of Mn, iron, K, and Mg. Cancer cells do not develop in an alkaline environment, so regular doses of sugarcane juice 


Boosts Immunity
Sugarcane contains vitamin C and lots of antioxidants and helps to spice up immunity. It fights against metabolism infections, liver diseases, and conjointly lowers inflammation. It conjointly helps to keep up the haematoidin levels of the body.  

Aids Digestion
Drinking sugarcane juice often conjointly aids digestion and treats the matter of constipation. The basic nature of sugarcane prevents acidity by maintaining equilibrium. It conjointly eliminates dangerous cholesterin from the body and improves metabolism.


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