Oct 01 2023

Keep your digestive problems away with easy diet and lifestyle tips.

Keep your digestive problems away with easy diet and lifestyle tips.

As the warmth rises, one's stomach related framework may turn out to be moderate prompting certain stomach related issues. As summer comes with occasional issues like fever, dehydration and stomach related issues too. And it is very important to take care of your eating patterns to stay away from the heat.

Dr Roy Patankar, leading gastroenterologist once said that,"Gastroenteritis is usually seen during the season taking all things together age gatherings. A portion of its indications incorporate heaving, watery movements, blood in movements, parchedness, and surprisingly stomach torment. Jaundice is another difficult that can give you a difficult stretch and prompts side effects like a pale look on the face, sickness, and hepatitis. This issue happens inferable from unhygienic food and debased water. A high-grade fever known as typhoid causing torment, exhaustion, shortcoming, stomach hurt and even migraine can happen during summer. Indeed, even food contamination happens because of debased food,"

Restore and replenish your skin and physical health as we suggest some amazing healthy diet tips to survive the sweltering summer this year. Read on to make your dietary pattern better:

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables:

These days most vegetables and fruits are available throughout the year. However, eating seasonal foods has its own benefits for your health. To always take the best advantage everyone should choose fresh foods, like, mangoes, watermelon, tomatoes, berries, etc.

Choose fresh juices instead of cold drinks:

As summer makes everyone thirsty, and people choose readymade coldrinks and beverages. But whenever you feel thirsty and want something tasty, you should pick fresh juices. You can go for orange, carrot, watermelon, mango, grapes juices and shakes.

Stay hydrated:

Drink a lot of water, as drinking water help in curing constipation and dehydration. Coconut water can also be added daily in your diet. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water and avoid carbonated drinks.

Reduce intake of heaty food items:

When summer comes, you should decrease the intake of heaty fruits and vegetables, and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables which have cooling effect on body. Sabja (tulsi seeds) can be a good addition.

Limit the admission of hot, spicy and salty food varieties:

The body holds salt in the natural structure found in products of the soil; the inorganic salt, in the mean time, is processed and should be tossed out of the body. Also, this is the reason you need to drink water! 

Stay safe, stay hydrated!



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