Oct 01 2023

Anushka Sharma cheers as she lifts Virat Kohli!

Anushka Sharma cheers as she lifts Virat Kohli!

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are counted among the sweetest celebrity couples. Both bonding discussions take place on social media every day. This is the reason why the media is also keeping an eye on all the developments happening in their life and the fans are desperate to know every little thing in their life.

Recently, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli shared a cute video on Instagram. Which is making a lot of noise. In this video, Anushka is seen holding Virat and holding her between both hands. Surprisingly, he lifts Virat Kohli with his hands not once but 2 times. Anushka is seen attempting to get Virat Kohli in the BTS video. Before long she effectively does as such and is seen grinning ear to ear to commend it. On the off chance that you haven't watched the adorable video yet, look at it.

For your information,let us tell you that  Anushka Sharma is going to start her film career once again. Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma has returned to work after her maternity leave. The actress uploaded a picture on Instagram from her green room, getting ready for the shot. However, she did not provide any details about the project she is shooting. The actress did not caption the post update on Instagram. The black-and-white image showed Anushka reading a script while her team, in a hazmat suit, doing her hair and makeup.

Anushka and spouse Virat Kohli became guardians to little girl Vamika in January.

The entertainer as of late presented her little girl infront of the world with an Instagram post. Anushka shared a photo of herself alongside spouse Virat Kohli where she is holding the child and wrote,"We have lived respectively with adoration, presence and appreciation as a lifestyle however this little one Vamika has taken it to an unheard of level! Tears, chuckling, stress, joy - feelings that have been knowledgeable about a range of minutes once in a while! Rest is slippery however our hearts are so brimming with affection. Saying thanks to you just for your desires, supplications and great energy."


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