May 29 2023

Tamil entertainer Vivek in ICU after heart failure, condition said to be critical!

Tamil entertainer Vivek in ICU after heart failure, condition said to be critical!

Vivek's spokesperson told the media that his health had improved since morning. “Vivek had fainted this morning when he was talking with his family. Later, he was rushed to Sim Hospital in Vadapalani. I had words with him. He is alert and will soon regain good health. Prof. Nikhil Murugan said, "Doctors will do an angiogram on him."

Co-incidentally, Vivek received his first dose of covid-19 vaccination on Thursday. And today the news of Vivek's hospitalization has caused concern on social media. And, Nikhil Murugun stated that he was doing well after vaccination.

The 59-year-old entertainer stood out as truly newsworthy on Thursday for his endeavors to eliminate the dread of vaccination among people in general. Rather than going to a private emergency clinic, he decided to get vaccine injection at an administration emergency clinic to spread awareness.

He had said, "I need to make a point that the Covid-19 vaccination for all is protected. It doesn't mean we won't get Covid-19 in the event that we get vaccine doses. We ought to be careful. The antibody guarantees that we don't get affected harshly."

According to the news minuts, he had spoke about the coronavirus that the medicines one should take or not.

Vivek said,"The first responsibility of ourselves is to wear a mask, washing hands timely, maintaining distance and by keeping santitize the public places. Vaccine is very important to take by all as it is only medical method available right now. You can aso take Ayurvedic medicines and Homeopathic medicines. Everyone should increase the intake of vitamin C and zinc in our dietary plan. But all these are addition to safety precautions, vaccine is must. If you were to inquire as to whether individuals who are immunized don't get COVID-19, it isn't that way. Regardless of whether COVID-19 hits you, there will not be demise."

When he has been hospitalised, he tell the doctors that he is having chest pain. The doctors did not give any words on actor vivek's health but covid-19 vaccine first dose is not the reason of heart failure of vivek according to the hospital.


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