Jun 01 2023

How to increase the oxygen level in covid - 19 at home

How to increase the oxygen level in covid - 19  at home

How to increase the oxygen level in covid 19  at home

The horrific condition of Corona remains in the country. The situation of hospitals is also very bad. The number of infected is continuously increasing and there is a shortage of beds in hospitals. Due to the non-availability of oxygen in India, the shortage is due to a rapid increase in cases.
Why is oxygen important for your body?
 oxygen relies on tanks as the primary oxygen supplement, a serious risk exists: the body can learn to actively suppress its natural respiratory system. Breathing through our lungs provides oxygen to our cells, makes our brain work and heartbeat, and is, therefore, the most important priority of our body and completely without comparison to muscles. 

We have some tips for improving your oxygen level naturally at your home:

1. fresh Air :
 open your windows & get fresh air. it will help clear your lungs, give more energy and mental focus.
 Fresh air contains plenty of oxygen, so a few deep breaths help bring this vital gas into your body it means your heart could relax & heart rate slow down, and your blood pressure lower that help you heal faster.

2. drink water 
 Most evidence suggests that oxygenated water does not increase blood O2 levels or increase exercise performance in humans. Our lungs need to stay hydrated and drink enough water and, therefore, affect oxygen levels.

3. Get active do exercise daily

 Exercise is key to a healthy life. Even a small amount of exercise increases your breathing rate and allows your lungs to absorb more oxygen, which helps improve your breathing capacity. A simple 10 to 20 minutes walk allows the body to better utilize oxygen to removing waste products through the lymphatic system.
Regular walking for 30 minutes a day has a greater impact on your circulatory system than spending more than an hour in the gym 2-3 times a week.

4. Eat healthy and fresh food

 Eating fresher raw green juice is beneficial because it is rich in vitamins and minerals that your body uses to help your body get oxygen. Your diet can have a serious impact on your oxygen levels. Certain foods help improve blood oxygen levels naturally. Iron-rich foods such as meat, chicken, fish, legumes, and green leafy vegetables may improve iron deficiency and improve blood oxygen levels.

5.Do breathing exercise
 Breathe slowly and deeply to increase oxygen levels in the blood. Oxygen is transported through the respiratory system to the blood in the body, which affects oxygen levels when breathing is not optimal.
Regular lung exercise is important for maintaining respiratory health. Deep breathing is one of the better ways to reduce stress in the body and mind.  This is because when you take a deep breath, it sends a message to your brain to calm you down and relax. The brain then gives this message to your body


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