May 29 2023

Corona waves are likely to fade in the first week of May

Corona waves are likely to fade in the first week of May

The number of patients in the state, including Mumbai, are declining due to the use of the triad of restrictions, testing track, and treatment over the last few days, according to daily statistics on patients. If the number of patients continues to decline in this way, the second wave of the corona is likely to erupt in the first week of May. 

In the first week of April, the number of patients with coronavirus was increasing rapidly. Patients had to face great difficulties in getting oxygen beds. Remdesivir was desperately needed for patients. It was time to migrates the civilians to other hospitals due to lack of oxygen. But now the situation is slowly improving. In Mumbai, 3,876 new cases were registered on Monday while 48,700 new cases were detected in the state. For the last several days, the daily number of patients was around 60,000. The cure rate in the state is 82.92 percent.

Corona is present in all parts of the state and poses major administrative challenges. Important services are excluded from this lockout. The government and the administration are trying to implement new measures to prevent the spread of this contagious disease. All medical experts say that it is possible to survive this disease only if safety rules are followed by people. In the midst of all this horrible environment, the number of patients in the city of Mumbai, which has been the 'hotspot' of corona in the whole country from the very beginning, had attracted everyone's attention, but the 'health' of the same city of Mumbai is now slowly improving.

Reducing the number of patients is a combination of measures currently being taken by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the state government. However, it would be a big mistake to stop compassion as the number of patients decreases. It takes time to fight this disease and take preventive measures. The way our patient population has been declining for a few days and if we continue to care in the same way we can prevent this corona in the first week of May. The corona is expected to be kept safe. But the cooperation of the citizens is important. We want to reach 1 percent of our current mortality rate. Must work in the same way

All the hospitals under the jurisdiction of Mumbai Municipal Corporation and all the hospitals under the jurisdiction of the State Government (GT Hospital and St. George's Hospital) are fighting this disease with one heart. What is special is that all the doctors, nurses, and other staff in the hospital are working hard to treat the patient. There were some problems in providing facilities to the patients during this current situation But the mechanism is working to overcome all these problems. It is expected that mistakes will not be made in such a big crisis, but sometimes some problems arise suddenly. At the same time, private hospitals, dispensaries, and their medical staff play a major role. The number of patients is declining, but people need to follow safety rules, ”said Mumbai Municipal Corporation's Executive Health Officer Dr. Presented by Mangala Gomera.


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