May 29 2023

Singer Sonu Nigam, took to social media and slammed the DM for being disrespectful and rude

Singer Sonu Nigam, took to social media and slammed the DM for being disrespectful and rude

Recently, a video of Tripura DM of Tripura went viral on social media. In which he was seen abusing people at a wedding. Everyone strongly condemned this behavior of DM. Sonu Nigam, a well-known Bollywood singer, has also strongly criticized the DM.

Sonu Nigam shared a video on social media regarding this behavior of DM. In which he said that it is not appropriate to see such behavior of any DM. He said that I often talk about myself but today I have come to talk to DM Shailesh Kumar. Sonu said that as he is condemning people in the video, he is very surprised

Sonu Nigam criticized DM
Sonu further stated in the video that, I don't know if the people getting married or involved took their permission or not, but in the video, they are saying they took permission. Sonu then questioned the DM and he said DM Sir, what is the way? Which country do we live in? In such a situation, how can we talk to our countrymen? In our country, everyone has every right to speak. But you don't listen to them. Just saying arrest, arrest. You boast so much on your strength. Prime Minister Modi does not have such a thing. They also talk to people about etiquette. You are there, there is no king.

Sonu further said that you are just DM, not king. Today, when bad times are coming to the people of the country, people from all walks of life are sad. In such a situation, instead of helping them, you are doing abusing them. Subsequently, he stated that such people are ineligible to fill this position.
Sonu said in the last one, I'm not saying you should be punished because you have a family too, but you know that wedding is such a special day for everyone in our country. So, after your behavior, you think this family will never want to remember this wedding. You shouldn't do that. after DM Shailesh Kumar was suspended after the video went viral.


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