Oct 01 2023

Nitin Desai's ND studio caught fire in the fort of 'Jodha Akbar'

Nitin Desai's ND studio caught fire in the fort of 'Jodha Akbar'

Notable workmanship chief Nitin Desai's ND studio burst into flames. The fortification set for the film 'Jodha Akbar' at ND Studios was found in the fire. Luckily, no losses have been accounted for up until now. (Nitin Desai ND Studio Raigad Khalapur Jodha Akbar Movie Fort Set bursts Into flames) 

Nitin Desai's ND studio is en route to Karjat from Chowk in Khalapur taluka in the Raigad area. The set burst into flames behind the post raised for the taking shots at this spot. The monstrous fire made smoke show up a good ways off of three to four kilometers. Fire unit officials of Karjat Municipality hurried to the spot. Three vehicles of the fire unit were attempting to contain the blast. A lot of dried grass on the rear of the ND studio burst into flames.

Not seeing it on schedule, the grass inside the studio burst into flames and arrived at the stronghold set made for the film Jodha Akbar. What's more, some piece of the set burst into flames. No losses have been accounted for up until now. An enormous piece of the sets have been annihilated by fire It began around early afternoon. Firemen raced to the scene and The mishap was accounted for and it required about an hour and One and a half to manage the fire. Cooling work is in progress. Neighborhood authorities presume a short out in the 11th and are exploring the matter. 

Jodha Akbar 200 coordinated by Ashutosh Gowariker was delivered in 2008. Entertainer Hrithik Roshan played the lead part of Akbar and entertainer Aishwarya Rai Bachchan played the lead job. This film did enchantment in the cinematic world. Aside from this film, ND Studios additionally delivered a large chief. Like other film parts like Kick, Slumdog Millionaire, Bajirao Mastani, and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo shot here. Doordarshan program with Raja Shivchhatrapati, Chittod Ki Rani Padmini, Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani, and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, have been recorded at this studio also.


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