Oct 01 2023

Mucormycosis: Lack of injections to treat mucormycosis

Mucormycosis: Lack of injections to treat mucormycosis

There is a possibility of another injection in the near future after Remedesivir. In addition to the corona, there is also a shortage of injections for the large number of black fungus, mucormycosis. Therefore, efforts need to be made to ensure that there is no shortage of new injections and drugs. 

Another illness, along with corona, has increased anxiety. The disease with side effects of the corona is black fungus mucormycosis. The disease has so far removed the eyes of 8 people. About 200 people have been infected. However, injections to cure the disease are now rare If the number of patients with this disease increases, there may be a severe shortage of injections. Moreover, its price is beyond the reach of the common man.

Patients with a fungal infection called ‘mucormycosis’ have serious side effects. Doctors have observed an increase in the number of such patients across the state. In such cases, the patient needs to be alert and seek timely diagnosis and treatment. There are three types of injections available at different prices.

This rare disease infection is found in covid patients who are cured due to reduced immunity to covid. Compared to the first wave of the corona, this wave has increased the number of patients with a fungal disease called 'mucormycosis'. The mortality rate is 54 percent, but with timely treatment, the disease can be cured. Decreased immunity after corona can lead to the growth of this fungus in the nose. The fungus grows through the nostrils to the eyes and brain. Early diagnosis can be treated with injections. Patients who recover from corona may experience these symptoms within five to seven days or even months.

What is ‘mucormycosis’?

1.Steroids used during corona treatment weaken the immune system.
2.Bacteria called ubiquitous usually enter the nose during respiration. But if the immune system is not balanced, the fungus 'mucormycosis' grows.
3.After corona, the person's immune system is weakened.
4.People with diabetes or other comorbidities are also more likely to be infected with the fungus.

Why is mucormycosis deadly?

1.The rate of infection with this fungus is the highest and the time for treatment is short.
2.Treatment by injection is possible if diagnosed early.
3.If it is late, it is time to have surgery.
4.Infection with the eyes can lead to permanent injury.
5.If the infection reaches the brain, treatment is difficult.

What are the symptoms of mucormycosis?

1.Swelling of the face
2.Cheek pain
3.Eye pain, swelling of the eyes
4.Headache, nose pain
5.Bleeding or scarring

What to take care of?

1.Trying to balance the immune system.
2.Contact a doctor immediately if any symptoms appear.
3.The spread of the fungus is high, so do not hesitate to seek treatment.
4.Eat a diet that balances blood sugar, controls blood pressure, boosts the immune system.

Take special care:
   Diabetes, high blood pressure, ketoacidosis, weakened immune system all need special care.

It is important to keep your immune system strong so that you do not get infected. Also, if any symptoms appear, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. After hearing about such a terrible disease, many patients now come to the hospital for examination. However, it is important to take the right treatment at the right time without panic. Equally important is the availability of affordable medicines.


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