May 29 2023

ICC dismissed claims saying India’s Tests against England, Australia were not fixed

ICC dismissed claims saying India’s Tests against England, Australia were not fixed

The ICC on Monday dismissed claims made by Al Jazeera that India's Tests against England (2016) in Chennai and Australia (2017) in Ranchi were fixed, saying the entries of play distinguished as fixed were altogether unsurprising, and accordingly "implausible as a fix". 

Al Jazeera in the documentary 'Cricket's Match Fixers' which was released in 2018 had claimed that India's tests against Australia in 2017 in Ranchi and against England in Chennai in 2016 one were fixed. 

The International Cricket Council (ICC) additionally cleared five individuals — shot by the channel — of any bad behavior saying even as they acted in a problematic way however no soundproof was accessible to charge them. 

A bookie Aneel Munnawar, during the program, was seen making claims about his questionable associations and history of fixing matches including two Tests involving Virat Kohli's Indian team. 

The ICC had launched an investigation concerning the cases. 

"The program blamed that Tests between India vs England in Chennai in 2016 and India vs Australia in Ranchi in 2017 were fixed. To survey whether the entries of play featured in the program were surprising in any capacity, the ICC drew in four free wagering and cricketing experts to examine the cases," the ICC said in a release after investigation. 

The ICC didn't name individuals excused yet sources said previous Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza, Sri Lanka's Tharanga Indika, and Tharindu Mendis were among them. They had joined the investigation, done of the world administering body. 

While the first-class cricketer from Mumbai, Robin Morris was additionally shot, he didn't join the investigations. 

"No charges will be brought under the ICC Anti-Corruption Code against the five Participants because of deficient solid proof," the ICC said. 

The complete ICC investigation zeroed in on three fundamental regions: the cases made by the program, the speculations who were essential for it, and how the program assembled proof. 

"On account of the cases in this program, there are major shortcomings in every aspect we have examined that make the cases improbable and ailing in believability, a perspective that has been substantiated by four free specialists," GM Alex Marshall was cited as saying in the release. 

"The Participants to the Code who were recorded seem to have behaved in a sketchy way, notwithstanding, we have been not able to evaluate the full set of the discussions that occurred past what was seen on screen versus what the Participants guarantee really occurred. This joined with the shortfall of other soundproof methods there are lacking grounds to bring charges under the ICC Anti-Corruption Code." Marshal said.


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