Oct 01 2023

Asia Cup 2021: Corona outbreak cancels Asia Cup for second year in a row

Asia Cup 2021: Corona outbreak cancels Asia Cup for second year in a row

The Corona epidemic has affected all areas. Corona's cricket has also been hit hard. So far, many cricket tournaments have been canceled due to the corona outbreak. For the second year in a row, the Asia Cup 2021 T20 tournament has been postponed indefinitely due to the Corona epidemic.

The Sri Lanka Cricket Board has given information in this regard. The Sri Lanka Cricket Board has said that the Asia Cup has been canceled due to the current Corona situation. "Given the current situation, it is not possible to play in the Asian Cup in June this year," said Ashley de Silva, chief executive of Sri Lanka Cricket.

The tournament was to be played in September 2020. The competition was canceled last year due to a corona outbreak. At that time, it was decided to play the tournament in June 2021. Meanwhile, the competition has been canceled for the second year in a row due to a corona infection. The tournament is expected to be played next year. No official information has been released by the Asia Cricket Association yet.

 Likely to be held next year 

The Asia Cricket Association has not yet commented on the tournament. But, according to media reports, it is being claimed that the Asia Cup is likely to be held next year. However, no information has been received as to where the tournament will be played.

The 2020 Asia Cup was to be detained in Pakistan. However, the tournament was canceled due to the corona outbreak and was scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka this year. In the same way, Pakistan may get a chance to host the tournament next year. Or the tournament could be played in Dubai next year.

Meanwhile, the busy schedule of the Indian team has led to uncertainty over the Asia Cup. The Indian team will tour England for the World Test Championship in June. Therefore, there were doubts whether the Indian team would play in this tournament or not. It is being said that this would have caused huge losses to the organizers.


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