Jun 01 2023

Fuel prices set new highs, Petrol Rs 99.94/ltr in Mumbai; crosses Rs 100/ltr in Thane

Fuel prices set new highs, Petrol Rs 99.94/ltr in Mumbai; crosses Rs 100/ltr in Thane

Petrol and diesel costs were climbed across the four metros on Thursday, May 27. In Delhi, petrol costs were increased by 24 paise from Rs 93.44 per liter to Rs 93.68 per liter and diesel costs were increased by 29 paise from Rs 84.32 per liter to Rs 84.61 per liter, as indicated by Indian Oil Corporation. This is the fourteenth expansion in costs since May 4, when state-claimed oil firms finished an 18-day rest in rate correction they saw during elections in states like West Bengal. 

Petrol is creeping towards the Rs 100 mark in Mumbai; the reexamined petrol costs in Mumbai are at Rs 99.94 per liter. Diesel is estimated at Rs 91.87 per liter in Mumbai. In Thane, the cost of petrol has crossed the 3-figure mark, at Rs 100.06 a liter and diesel is at Rs 91.99 per liter. Besides, the petrol rates have effectively crossed the Rs 100-mark in a few cities of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Fuel rates differ across the states in the nation because of value-added tax. 

The state-run oil advertising organizations including Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum align the rates of domestic fuel to that of worldwide raw petroleum costs by considering changes in the unfamiliar trade rates. Any progressions in fuel costs are executed with impact from 6 am each day.

Revised Petrol and Diesel Costs as of 27 May 2021:

City      Petrol       Rs/ltr   Diesel   Rs/ltr
New Delhi 93.68 84.61
Mumbai 99.94 91.87
Kolkata 93.72 87.46
Chennai 95.28 89.39
Bengaluru 96.80 89.70
Hyderabad 97.36 92.24
Patna 95.85 89.87
Bhopal 101.77 93.07
Jaipur 100.17 93.36
Lucknow 91.21 85.00
Thiruvananthapuram 95.66 90.93
Source: Indian Oil Corporation 

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