Oct 01 2023

World No Tobacco Day: Why World No Tobacco day is celebrated on May 31

World No Tobacco Day: Why World No Tobacco day is celebrated on May 31

Needless to say, how much harm tobacco does to the body and how many life-threatening illnesses it afflicts. Cancer is one of them. Today is World No Tobacco Day, a special day that conveys the message that tobacco is harmful to health, quit its addiction! But have you ever wondered what the background behind starting this day is? Or why this day is celebrated on 31st May? Today we are going to tell you the same answer and at the same time, we are going to tell you the other special significance of this day. Raise awareness in the community by spreading this information to as many people as possible and force your acquaintances, friends and acquaintances who are addicted to tobacco to quit.
The purpose of celebrating this day on May 31 is to spread the harmful effects of tobacco all over the world and to make people quit this addiction. The World Health Organization decided to celebrate the day, and at the end of the discussion, it passed a final resolution in 1987. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared April 7 as World No Tobacco Day every year since 1988, marking the 40th anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to some other reasons, they decided to change the date. Therefore, World No Tobacco Day has been celebrated on 31st May every year since 1988.
Tobacco consumption in our country is mostly through smoking and you may be surprised to read this but it is true that a person who smokes not only suffers from the ill effects of tobacco but also the innocent person suffers from the effects of tobacco smoke in the body of the people around him. This means that you are unknowingly smoking even if you are not smoking.
According to doctors, there are 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, 50 of which can cause cancer. So if you come in contact with a smoker, these chemicals also enter your body and stay longer. You may have heard many times that if a person dies of lung cancer but he is never addicted. So stay away from smokers.
Now you say how can I avoid this or how can I protect myself? If you live in a city, you can't protect yourself from such smoking for long. Because there are people around the city smoking cigarettes. The only solution is to create awareness and get people to quit smoking on their own. May 31 is a special day for this.
But this is not the only day to raise awareness. This awareness has to be done 365 days of the year. May 31 is just a day to remind people that we are still not free from tobacco. Your battle is yet to come. You too, as an intelligent citizen, should take part in this battle. If you smoke, try to quit. If you are a non-addict, encourage others to give up the habit, even if you can't explain it to strangers, you can certainly explain it to acquaintances. Let us all take the initiative from today and eradicate tobacco forever


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