Oct 01 2023

Why announce when you don't have vaccines; Delhi HC pulls up Centre over vaccines

Why announce when you don't have vaccines; Delhi HC pulls up Centre over vaccines

The second wave of the coronavirus, which has been raging in the country for the past two months, has now subsided. But now the number of black fungus patients is increasing in the country and there is a shortage of anti-corneal vaccines. Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court has slammed the central government over the growing shortage of drugs for the treatment of black fungus patients.

The Center had submitted a report in this regard before the High Court. The Delhi High Court raised a number of questions. At the time, the High Court said, "We are saddened by the loss of so many young people during this period." You are trying to save the lives of people who have survived. We are not saying that you should not give priority to senior citizens, but if there is a shortage of vaccines, at least make it a priority. Senior citizens cannot run the country.

Justice Bipin Sanghi and Justice Jasmeet Singh of the Delhi High Court Division Bench said that the status report submitted by the Center on vaccines and drugs was vague and the government had failed to set priorities. Criticizing the Centre’s current policies, the court said, give priority to the youth. The future of the country depends on them.

The High Court further said that other countries changed their priorities when there was any problem with vaccines and medicines. In the case of Italy, we also read that when the beds were low, they stopped admitting senior citizens to hospitals.

The High Court also slammed the central government over the corona vaccination. If the central government does not have a vaccine, then why did they make such announcements. If you do not have a vaccine, at least set priorities. Why did you decide to give the first corona vaccine to people over 60? That's what we don't understand, criticized the high court.


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