May 29 2023

The third season of Family Man is also coming!

The third season of Family Man is also coming!

After many days, the netizens were waiting for the second season of Family Man. Because the first season was at its peak. Now many were wondering what Shrikant Tiwari would do. While they were there, the trailer for this second season came out and Netkari literally went crazy. This is the second season that has come and people have taken this season head-on. Now the good news for all of them is that the third season of Family Man has begun to take shape.

Soon after the second season of Family Man (Family Man 2) received a repentant response, this season's director Raj and DK started matching the third season. I mean, this preparation was already underway. But now the test of how it will actually come about has begun. The OTT platform is convinced that this season will go strong, given the response to the second season trailer of Family Man. So Raj and DK immediately submitted the concept of the third season to Amazon Prime. Both Raj and DK are currently the Blue Eyed Boys for this OTT platform as both seasons are maximum hits. This concept has been immediately approved by this OTT platform.

The official legacy of this third season is nowhere to be found. However, some websites have reported this. In this third season, Srikkanth Tiwari will take on China. Pakistan, in the first season. The storyline will take place in Sri Lanka in the second season and now in China in the third season. The concept is currently locked. Preparations are still underway. Therefore, it seems that the third season will come by the end of the year 2022. But looking at the duration of both the seasons of Family Man, there is no doubt that the netizens will be waiting for the third season.


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