May 29 2023

#ResignModi Trends On Social Media

#ResignModi Trends On Social Media

The number of covid infections and deaths is increasing. This is because the hospital lacks bedding, medical oxygen and medicine. The situation is getting difficult to control and people are suffering.

The Modi government's refusal to control the contagious disease has drawn strong criticism from angry citizens. People are demanding Modi's resignation. Along with #ResignModi, several Facebook posts demanding Modi's resignation are being shared. Many posts with hashtags started trending.

Angry netizens shared a large number of hashtags that made it to the top of the charts.

Facebook then blocked the post on that hashtag. In general, when people search for hashtags, they are able to see all the same posts. But all posts with #BoycottModi were blocked.

The Wall Street Journal of the USA was the first news organization to share news about post blocking with hashtags. You might think that people around the world can't even see posts with hashtags. Well, not at all. Buzzfeed News says people around the world can see the post. Posts blocked only in India. People from USA, Canada, UK etc. can see the post with simple search. However, this was not the case in India.

This hashtag was blocked in India for 3 hours and citizens could not access the post.

According to international news agencies, the government has ordered Facebook to block hashtags to prevent public criticism of the government's incompetence. This caused a great uproar. International news organizations claim that the government is on Facebook to censor anti-government posts. News outlets claim that despite India being a democracy, the government is pushing for censorship rights through Facebook.

Immediately after the news broke, the hashtag was unblocked and citizens were outraged by the fear that the posts would be viewed again. Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said: "The block was not intentional, it was a mistake.

The hashtag has not been blocked as per the instructions of the Indian government, Stone added.

They say the posts were blocked because they violated their community guidelines. But now the hashtag has been restored. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Coo shared a statement on the app that the international news agency has cunning intentions. His statement about the government and Facebook removing the hashtag

Is completely false and misleading. Blocking hashtags was a mistake, Facebook has clarified.

The company never said the government would ask them to do so. So all these reports are false.


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