Oct 01 2023

Live Updates Karnataka News: Massive Protest Outside Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College In Udupi Over Hijab Ban.

Live Updates Karnataka News: Massive Protest Outside Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College In Udupi Over Hijab Ban.

Hijab column: Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai requests to individuals to keep up with harmony and congruity -

Karnataka boss clergyman Basavaraj Bommai said on Tuesday that every one of the concerned individuals (in the Udupi hijab column) should keep harmony and let youngsters study. The matter will be introduced in high court today, and we should sit tight for it.

Huge dissent outside Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College in Udupi over hijab boycott-

Hindu students were seen wearing saffron turbans on Tuesday at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College as a mark of protest against Muslim students wearing hijab. The students say they want equality and will wear this till Hijab is banned.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College doors shut momentarily because of dissent-

The entry doors of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College were closed momentarily because of dissent.

Police power conveyed on Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College grounds-

Weighty police organization was made external the school grounds to keep up with peace and lawfulness circumstances.

The hearing starts in High Court as dissent ejects outside school grounds ;

        A dissent has emitted between understudies wearing saffron wraps and Hijab outside a school in Karnataka in front of the great court hearing. The understudies were heard reciting Jai Shri Ram mottos. An understudy said, "They have been restricted from wearing hijab however some of them came to the study hall wearing hijab. Assuming they are wearing hijab, we will likewise wear saffron wraps." Another understudy in a hijab said, "We have been wearing this since adolescence, how might they request that we eliminate it now?"

On January 1, six Muslim understudies of an administration Pre-University school in Karnataka's Udupi were banished from going to classes wearing a hijab. The school the executives refered to another uniform strategy behind the justification for the boycott. The issue has now gushed out over to other government universities in Udupi with a few understudies challenging a prohibition on hijab.

The debate began last month at the Government Girls PU school in Udupi region as six understudies affirmed that they had been banned from classes for wearing headscarf and numerous Muslim young ladies took up the training in fight.

A monstrous horde of understudies, one gathering wearing hijab and young men waving saffron scarves, assembled external a school in Karnataka today in a compounding a conflict on a day the High Court takes up a request testing a prohibition on the hijab nearby.

As two gatherings remained at the doors of the MGM school in Udupi, an enormous number of police officers were brought in to control the confusion.

Understudies wearing saffron scarves and headgears were permitted to enter the school as young ladies in the hijab remained external the doors, fighting what they claimed was separation.


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