Oct 01 2023

Domino's has Apologized for the "Unexpected Social Media Post" on Kashmir

Domino's has Apologized for the

Domino's India, the Indian arm of American pizza restaurant chain Domino's, has apologized on social media after tweeting in solidarity with the people of Kashmir on the occasion of the so-called 'Kashmir Solidarity Day'.

Pizza chain Domino's and Japanese auto chief Honda today apologized for hurting the feelings of Indians by social media posts made by their business associates in Pakistan. The remarks came after car maker Hyundai tweeted in support of separatists in Kashmir. Domino's India said it is committed to the Indian market and has great respect for the people and culture of the country.

Domino's India announced on its Twitter handle on Tuesday that it has great respect for the country's sense of nationalism. "We're sorry and sorry for the unwanted social media posts published on Domino's overseas social media handles," Pizza Chain apologized.

The fast-food chain boycotted the movement in support of neighboring countries. "This nation is united in support of our beloved Kashmir. We will soon live as a sovereign nation - let's come together and stand up for Kashmir," reads a post featuring the company's logo. The culture of the country and the spirit of nationalism, "the company said in a statement on Twitter. We respect and honor what the country has to offer. "
As a brand, we honor and respect India and are committed to serving our customers and communities with humility, gratitude and pride, "the statement said. 'Kashmir Unity Day'.

Domino's, meanwhile, is the latest brand to apologize to Fiasco; In recent days, multinational brands such as Hyundai, Kia Motors, KFC and Pizza Hut have either apologized or distanced themselves from similar posts made by their partners in Pakistan.

Domino's and Honda have joined the list of global companies - Hyundai, KFC, Pizza Hut, Toyota, Suzuki - who have apologized for the social media posts made by their business partners in Pakistan on the occasion of Kashmir Unity Day. Social media posts in India reacted sharply after Twitter users called for a boycott of the company's products. Honda is committed to ensuring compliance with the laws and practices of each country in which it operates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. As part of the strategy, Honda said it "tries to make sure in any area. It exists in the world without commenting on race, politics, religion and social issues."


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