Jun 01 2023

Rafale Project Complete, India-France Cement Ties Amidst Global Turmoil

Rafale Project Complete, India-France Cement Ties Amidst Global Turmoil

"In response, all nations are reappraising priorities, strategies, relationships and even strategic geography. We scramble every day to adapt to the rapid changes in the environment. Often, long standing assumptions have to be revisited," he added.

The idea is to further strengthen ties with France and India, under which the Raphael literature is building their defenses for aircraft and aircraft, the report said.

"In response, all nations are reassessing priorities, strategies, relationships and even strategic goals. We are talking about rapid change in the environment.


French Minister Florence Parley also stressed the importance of the visit to India and the importance of Frank-India friendship. On December 17, the two countries agreed to expand bilateral, regional and industrial development under Defense Rajnath Singh and appealed to the French defense to "either operate or produce Indian industry".

He made a strong case for the industrialized he developed, while Florence Parley claimed that his country was "and" building the extra Rafale aircraft needed by India.

The clear and definite pitch of India's 'Make in India' is consistent with Rajnath Singh's earlier announcement that 90% of India's defense equipment will be made indigenous in the future.

It also reflects the Indian aspirations of prioritizing domestic industries, to buy the 'car to government' option, without government technology as a whole.

France's defenses not only helped the aircraft to bring additional Rafale cargo to India, but also touched India's plans for an aircraft carrier and based carrier-based jet aircraft.

Made in India engine

France has agreed to jointly build aero engines to boost the self-reliance of the defense manufacturing sector, said Rajnath Singh.

According to Hindustan Times.com, "a Konkan French company will build an engine independently of the company, which has not become a country," Singh said.

According to the Indian, Eurasian Times, France had made a welcome proposal for indigenous Cauvery jet engine development projects, part of the Raphael Agreement. There was also an in-depth presentation on building a self-contained aircraft ecosystem.

With the delivery of the three aircraft on Tuesday night, France has delivered the entire consignment of 36 fighters with the last one being handed over to India in France. The last fighter with all India's specific enhancements is expected to be delivered next month.

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