May 29 2023

Covid arrives at Antarctica | Last immaculate continent

Covid arrives at Antarctica | Last immaculate continent

Chilean experts proclaimed that 58 people that were at two armed force establishments in Antarctica or on a maritime power transport that went to the terrain attempted positive for the new Covid 

So far no other country with a presence in Antarctica has uninhibitedly declared some different cases. 

Emergency vehicles of the rescue organization stay on the grounds of Hannover-Langenhagen Airport in Hannover, Germany, late Saturday, Dec. 20, 2020. Explorers who showed up with a plane from London need to remain at the air terminal until they have the consequences of the COVID-19 test. Because of the new assortment of the Covid, the German specialists have trained that all globe-trotters from Great Britain and South Africa be capably screened on the Covid with lively impact.

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Chile's military revealed Monday that 36 people at the Gen Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme Antarctic base have tried positive, and on Tuesday the Health Minister for the Biobio area in Chile said there are 21 pollutions recalling people for load up the Chilean maritime power's Sergeant Aldea supply vessel.

One more case was represented in Las Estrellas' town, where ordinary resident staff working at the Lieutenant Rodolfo Marsh Martin Air Force Base live, said Eduardo Castillo, neighborhood prosperity secretary for the Magallanes zone, which manages Chilean errands in the Antarctic. The Sargento Aldea transport docked at that town, he added. 

The military said the essential social event of 36 people consolidates 26 people from the military and 10 standard resident specialists of a help contract association. It said none so far had exhibited complexities. 

The underlying three people on the Sergeant Aldea vessel attempted positive seven days back and every one of the 208 crewmembers is being segregated on board that transport, according to the maritime power. It said the vessel had changed the base on the Trinity Peninsula between November 27 and December 10. 

The US National Science Foundation, the workplace overseeing US programs in Antarctica, said it thought about the reports of positive cases in voyagers on board the Sergeant Aldea. 

"Work power at US Antarctic Program stations have had no correspondences with the Chilean stations being alluded to or the staff who live there," the foundation said. "NSF remains zeroed in on not exchanging work power or enduring voyagers at USAP stations."



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