Oct 01 2023

Will Smith punches Chris Rock in an angry Oscar 2022.

Will Smith punches Chris Rock in an angry Oscar 2022.

Will Smith punches Chris Rock in an angry Oscar 2022. The exchange began when Chris Rock came on stage to announce the winners for the Best Documentary Feature Award.


At the Oscars 2022, something very unexpected happened. Will Smith went on stage at the live Oscar 2022 and punched Chris Rock.


Chris had a tasteless joke on Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and the actor who was nominated in the Best Actor category didn't really like it. Chris said the thick GI looked like Jane 2.


The Oscars turned out to be a wild and unwritten moment, with actor Will Smith stepping on stage and comedian punching Chris Rock as he joked about Hollywood star's wife Jada Pinket-Smith. Will Smith won Best Actor for his role in King Richard's play.


The controversy erupted when the Rock came on stage to announce the winners of the Best Documentary Future Award.


Before announcing the victory, Rock decided to make a joke about Pinkat-Smith, saying that the joke he made while rolling his eyes was based on Pinkat-Smith's autoimmune disorder. Everyone was shocked

After receiving a shuffleback from the actor, Rock said, "Wow, Sil Smith just took a s * t golpeó from me". Once he got back to his seat, Smith shouted at the rocks and said, "Get my wife's name out of her mouth!".


Following the announcement of the winners of Rock's Best Documentary Fantastic Awards, Doddad became one of the most sought after artists.


Introducing The Godfather's 50th Anniversary Celebration, the rapper said, "Will and Chris, we're going to solve it as a family. Right now we're moving forward with love. Everyone does something. Sound."


After receiving the Oscar, Seal Smith made a long jitter that broke frequently. He also apologized to educationists and hockey nominees for the incident.


This year's event, hosted by Ovation Howwoodwood (formerly Howwoodwood and Highland) and Dodobb Theater, is being hosted by Wanda Sykes, Air and Rajgina Howard.



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