May 29 2023

Lock up 29 update: Karanveer Bohra evicted, Poonam bid sheds tears

Lock up 29 update: Karanveer Bohra evicted, Poonam bid sheds tears

Lock Up Day twenty-nine Written update: Karanveer Bohra evicted, Poonam bid sheds tears


Lock Upp streams all day on Alt Balaji and MX Player. The show features Poonam Pandey, Pahal Rohatgi, Munawar Farooqi, Ali Merchant, Karanveer Bohra, Nisha Rawal and other controversial celebrity contestants.


New Delhi: At the start of Kangana Ranaut's reality show 'Lock Up', Anjali Arora got angry with all the contestants for not finding her hairdryer. She suspect Ali bourgeois of stealing as a result of he was upset once he known as everybody within the jail "cheap individuals." He told Anjali to not generalize her anger towards all the prisoners.


Poonam Pandey additionally lost her cool and began shouting round the house and folks suspect Anjali of stealing her hair drier. The hairdryer was later found lying on a consumer goods stand below a pile of garments.


Anjali was alleviated to search out it however still suspected that Ali had unbroken it there. He denied all the allegations.


Zeeshan Khan, World Health Organization recently entered the show, set to hitch the Orange team.


Later, throughout the day's work, each groups were asked to form gold coins consideration sixteen grams and inscribed L and U on both sides of the coin. The team that produces the foremost cash wins.


During the task, Nisha Rawal suspect Munwar Farooqi of getting sexual relations along with her however he tried to form it clear that it absolutely was not his intention. In the end, the blue team won the task with fifty seven coins whereas the orange team had solely thirty three coins.

There was a large personal quarrel between Zeeshan Khan and Shivam Sharma. the 2 started abusing one another associated with their relations that calmed down Karanveer Bohra.


Zeeshan Khan and Vineet Kakar were known as to the key zone and asked to pick out a contestant they'd prefer to see force out that day.


Both voted to oust Karanveer Bohra. once the jailors proclaimed the choice, nobody within the jail believed the news. Shivam Sharma was emotional to tears when Karanveer was kicked out of the show.


Stay tuned for additional updates on altitude Balaji's Lock Upp.


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