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Good Friday, 2022. Know History & Importance of this Day.

Good Friday, 2022. Know History & Importance of this Day.

Good Friday is a symbolic day for the Christian community. Every year in the month of April, 'Good Friday' is celebrated with purity and reverence by Christians and others who are inspired by the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ. It is actually a day of mourning for Christians as it is the day when the Lord Jesus was crucified and therefore in many places it is also known as 'Black Day', 'Holy Friday', 'Easter Friday' or 'Great Friday'. This year Good Friday will be celebrated on 15th of April and Easter Sunday on 17th of April.

Why is this Day termed as Good Friday?

Some say that 'good' means holy or divine because Christians believe that the death of Lord Jesus is a sign of forgiveness for all the sins of mankind. Lord Jesus sacrificed himself for the good of mankind and that is the reason why this day is also known as 'Holy Friday'. While some believe that Lord Christ suffered and died for his people, others say that it is a modification of 'God Friday' and that the term actually comes from 'God's Friday'.

Lord Jesus Christ’s History & Teachings:

 It is believed that the Lord Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem on Sunday. Scholars believe that on 29 AD, Lord Jesus arrived in Jerusalem riding a donkey and people welcomed him with palm branches, hence this day is called Palm Sunday. It was here in Jerusalem that a conspiracy was hatched against him and on Friday he was hanged. The event of the crucifixion is known as Good Friday.

Lord Jesus Christ was motivating people to walk on the path of goodness by preaching humanity, unity and non-violence. People having religious superstitions accused him of treason. They were sentenced to death and the Lord Jesus was crucified. The day he was crucified is called 'Good Friday' because of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus.

Significance of Easter Sunday:

On Sunday, the third day after Good Friday, Lord Jesus Christ rose again from the dead and continued to preach among the people for 40 days. This event of his resurgence is celebrated as Easter on Sunday. On Good Friday the last moments of his life are repeated in the church and the people are served. It is a day of mourning. On this day decorations are removed from churches and houses.

How is Good Friday Observed?

People wore black clothes in mourning of their beloved Lord Jesus and took out a procession on foot in the memory of Lord Jesus during the previous days. Fasts are being kept and prayers are offered in devotion towards the Lord. Church services take place after 3 pm and decorations are removed for this day. Candles are not lit nor bells ring in the church. On Good Friday, people ask for forgiveness of their sins. The emphasis is on vegetarian food and non-violence on Good Friday. The Lord Jesus Christ is being remembered by kissing the cross, just as he did before the crucifixion. This day is one of the most sorrowful and sacred day for the Christian community.


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