May 29 2023

Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui receives Pulitzer Prize for the second time.

Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui receives Pulitzer Prize for the second time.

The names of the victors of America's most noteworthy Pulitzer Prize 2022 have been reported. For this, a rundown of the names of the victors has likewise been delivered. For this, a list of the names of the winners has also been announced. Three Indians have dominated the Pulitzer Prize for this year. These three Indian columnists incorporate Adnan Abidi, Sana Irshad Mattoo, Amit Dave, who have been respected with this honor. Aside from this, the late Danish Siddiqui of information organization Reuters has been granted this honor after death. Allow us to let you know that the Pulitzer Prize is the greatest honor for the field of news coverage in America.

Four Reuters photojournalists Danish Siddiqui, Amit Dave, Adnan Abidi and Sana Irshad Mattoo have been named in this year's list of Pulitzer winners. All these journalists have been given this award for the photographs taken during the Corona epidemic in India. Earlier in the year 2018, Danish Siddiqui has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for a picture taken on the crisis of Rohingya Muslims.

Ukrainian journalists were given a citation by the Pulitzer Institute for working in extreme conditions. Apart from this, the work of journalists covering the Capitol Hill attack of America on January 6 last year and the incident of return of Taliban to power in Afghanistan was also appreciated.

On 16 July this year, Danish Siddiqui was killed in an attack covering a conflict between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Danish Siddiqui, an Indian journalist covering the conflict situation in Afghanistan, was assassinated in the Spin Boldak district of Afghanistan. According to media sources, journalist Danish Siddiqui was captured alive by the Taliban, then brutally murdered after his identity was confirmed. This time journalist Danish Siddiqui has been selected to be honored with the Pulitzer Prize, the biggest award in journalism.

The Pulitzer Prize is viewed as the greatest honor in the field of news coverage. This award was given for the first time in 1917. The Pulitzer Prize is given in 21 categories. The names for this award are selected by the jury.


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