May 29 2023

Asia Cup Hockey, India Scores Late Penalty Draw 1-1 With Pakistan.

Asia Cup Hockey, India Scores Late Penalty Draw 1-1 With Pakistan.

Hockey matches between India and Pakistan are always intense spectacles, full of adrenaline, eye-catching individual skill, and end-to-end action. However, considering the young and inexperienced nature of both teams at the Asia Cup and their lack of coordination, it seemed inevitable that the headline event would fall short of expectations.

It didn't appear to be a high-octane match between two sides who have won the continental title a combined six times.

On Tuesday, India will tackle Japan.

Karthi Selvam makes India the lead in the ninth minute, but Abdul Rana crushed their hearts by balancing from a penalty corner in the 59th minute.

Pakistan had the first scoring opportunity in the third minute when they were awarded a penalty corner, but they failed to correctly stop the ball, prompting India to win.

India was given a penalty corner seconds later, but Neelam Sanjip Xess' strike was saved by Pakistan goalkeeper Akmal Hussain.

In the first quarter, the Indians continued to put stress on the Pakistan defensive line, winning two more penalty corners, the second of which was converted by Karthi, who scored his first international goal after his flick deflected off the stick of defender Muhammad Abdullah and went inside the Pakistan citadel.

In the meantime, Pakistan was awarded another penalty corner, but the shot was wide. Pakistan goalkeeper Hussain produced a superb diving save to deny Pawan Rajbhar from close range soon after the second quarter began. In the 21st minute, the Indians dominated ball control and earned another penalty corner, which went begging.

Pakistan had a chance to tie the game two minutes before halftime when they were given a penalty corner for an unnecessary foul outside the circle by young Vishnukant Singh, but another miss-stop spoiled the opportunity, and India headed into the break with a small 1-0 lead.

Accordance with the revised of ends, Pakistan made an immediate threat to India's defense. Pakistan earned their third penalty corner midway through the third quarter, but Rizwan Ali's flick was wide.

Suraj Karkera, India's goalkeeper, made a fantastic save from close range to deny Abdul Rana, and the rebound was shot over by Afraz.


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