Oct 01 2023

A Force For Good For Indo-Pacific: Quad Summit Updates 2022

A Force For Good For Indo-Pacific: Quad Summit Updates 2022

Tokyo: The Quad summit is the fourth interaction with all the 4 leaders since their first virtual meet in march 2021. PM Modi, US President Biden, Australian PM Albanese, and Japanese PM Fumio Kishida discussed implications and development in the Indo-Pacific region.

It was due to the global pandemic outbreak, that the quad summit meeting in 2021 was held virtually. But this time Japanese PM Fumio Kishida invited Indian PM Modi, to attend the premiere. This will also be a bilateral meeting with the Japanese counterpart and US President Biden along the lines of Indo- Pacific strategies. Furthermore, PM is also likely to hold a bilateral meeting with the recently elected Prime minister of Australia Anthony Albanese. The quad summit is held with a vision in mind to exchange views about new maturing in Indo- The pacific region and other current world issues of their respective nation’s interest.

On May 24 (today), Indian PM Modi and US President Joe Biden hold a bilateral talk in Tokyo. “We see a partnership for US Finance to continue important work in India, vaccination production and taking lead in clean energy”- told US President Biden. PM Modi also agreed and said, “India & US partnership in the true sense is a partnership of trust.” Both the counterparts in the Quad meeting also discussed the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia. US president also expressed the ongoing effect of Russia’s brutal & non-justified invasion of Ukraine which has globally disturbed the world order. Both US-India will closely see how they can alleviate these negative effects.

 In the Quad summit, Australian PM Albanese offered to host a summit next year in Australia. On this issue of the Russia Ukraine crisis, PM Albanese also reportedly said” Russia must pay the price for its brutal invasion of Ukraine. While agreeing with Albanese, the counterpart Japanese pm announced that Japan, the US, India, and Australia to invest $50 billion in the mitigation of Indo-Pacific developments.

PM Modi said friendship will continue to be a “force for good”. And Quad leaders oppose 'change by force' with eyes on China. Does that send a signal to China about taking Taiwan under the control forcefully?


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